April 13, 2008

Mind Your Business

The Orphan Works Legislation is something that the US is trying to pass, that will make all created works not the property of the creator anymore, unless registered. That means, unless you pay to register your work, it is possible for anyone else to use it legally and make money off of it too!

Personally I find this could devastate the livelyhood of artists, photographers, animators, illustrators, and designers everywhere. Another way for rich corporations to get even more rich off of the art they had no part in creating to begin with by altering copyright laws in their favor.

To read the full article go here:
You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art


blah said...

To make things more interesting here's another article to throw into the mix:

And the original statement made to Congress on the issue:

Ron said...

Wow lots of info, spreading across many more avenues than I realized.