July 13, 2009

Jason Eisener's "Treevenge"

Someone just reminded me of the fact that I never posted this film.
Beware... it's bloody and gorey for those who don't like that stuff.
But I found it to be incredibly awesome!

Halifax’s own Jason Eisener burst into the public eye a few years back with Hobo With a Shotgun - a fake trailer that won the Grindhouse contest sponsored by Robert Rodriguez and was subsequently added to North American prints of the double-bill feature. Hobo became an online sensation and fans began clamoring for whatever Eisener and crew would come up with next.

And what they came up with was Treevenge. An arborist’s nightmare, the coniferous revenge film turned the tables on everyone’s favorite holiday season by re-casting the humble Christmas Tree as the angry victim of an annual genocide with the time arriving to take revenge on the wielders of the axe. Treevenge is a blood soaked, splattery affair that provoked enormous reactions on the festival circuit, racking up awards by the armful as it screened at Sundance, Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, and too many others to name. With the main title art designed by my bud, Jim White and starring popular Nova Scotia actor Jonathan Torrens as the lead character, the only problem was that there was no way for audiences to actually see this short film outside of those festival appearances, until now!

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