August 21, 2009


Here, they've managed to retell the Hal Jordan GREEN LANTERN origin story as a trampoline to a science fiction buddy cop film noir type of thing that just kicks a lot of ass.

Written by long time Superhero Animation God, Alan Burnett - and directed by Lauren Montgomery (SUPERMAN VS DOOMSDAY and the recent WONDER WOMAN film).

The basic story is that Hal Jordan becomes GL the way we all know. Then Sinestro and his fellow Corps members show up and take him to OA, where the Guardians doubt his abilities. Sinestro takes an interest in the hot shot braggart type from Earth and asks to take him under his wing to bring Abin Sur's murderer to justice.

Thus begins Hal's first mission.
The results are rather fantastic. What we end up with is an Animated Sci Fi version of TRAINING DAY that gets pretty darn intense. By the time you get to the end, there's been MASSIVE casualties of many characters and I found myself completely sold on the viability of a greater Green Lantern universe. I couldn't help but imagine an epic live-action version of this film, with the sensibilities they brought on for the Iron Man film with a major sci-fi/interplanetary flare to it could work very well.

Nice animation, great effects, superb designs, and impressive voice actors. You'll really dig this film if you love Green Lantern - and if you're a kid that has grown up
seeing GREEN LANTERN in his various Comic Book and Animated forms as a portion of a larger team, it's fantastic to see a full on Green Lantern Corp story - it's pretty damn awesome!

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