December 22, 2009

How to get into Gobelins

Eric Riewer talks about the renowned French animation school, Les Gobelins. He describes its program and the selection process for new students as well as what makes a good student film.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Reiwer has many good points.

2Mins. films are for sure the way to go. Too many student films are long and drag on. You can certainly see someone's potential in 30sec/1 min.

I wonder how this school compares with CalArts, let's say. They have an experimental animation option.

And ultimately, do you really ven NEED to go to a school? If you're this talented, and learn software at home, would you not get looked at by studios?

Ron said...

I find that being a great and talented artist is one thing, part genetic, part good artistic training through out your youth, but to know about acting, drama, performance arts and the art of movement all in regards to animation, is something that isn't taught in any high-school (except in Japan). Therefore, they've seen that the best visual artists produce the best animators, therefore they accept only the best artists and teach them the art of film-making and traditional/3D design and animation, something that can't really be self-taught at home.

At least that's what I think.