January 02, 2010

New Animated Trek Series

TrekMovie.com has information from long-time Trek producer David Rossi about plans for a new Star Trek series set in the 26th century. The new series will be animated (like The Animated Series continuation of TOS) and CBS have given the go ahead for test artwork and scripts for 5 mini episodes to be developed.

The series will probably be broadcast online on the Star Trek website; a first for the franchise. With the success of sites such as YouTube, this is the natural next step forward in television broadcasting and it’s not too surprising. As well as that, it may also be shown on TV and DVD.

The series will be set 150 years after Picard and Star Trek: Nemesis.

The setting is the year 2528 and the Federation is a different place after suffering through a devastating war with the Romulans 60 years earlier. The war was sparked off after a surprise attack of dozens of ‘Omega particle’ detonations throughout the Federation creating vast areas which become impassible to warp travel and essentially cut off almost half the Federation from the rest. During the war the Klingon homeworld was occupied by the Romulans, all of Andoria was destroyed and the Vulcans, who were negotiating reunification with the Romulans, pulled out of the Federation. The setting may seem bleak and not very Trek-like, but that is where the show’s hero Captain Alexander Chase comes in. Relegated to border patrol, Chase is determined to bring the Federation (and a ship called Enterprise) back to the glory days of seeking out new life and new civilizations.

There are some really interesting twists – for example the chief engineer of the ship “Mr. Zero” needs to wear an environmental suit to survive on the ship. There will also be a security team with some Borg technology.

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