June 21, 2010

Art Forums You Should Follow

    • PencilJack.com Over 16,500 Members. This is a great place for posting comic art. Both professional and amateur artists post here so it's great for everyone. There may not be as many users on this forum but the participants here really love comic art. If that's your niche then jump on the wagon.

    • ConceptArt.org Over 180,000 Members. This is my favorite at the moment, especially the SKETCHBOOK threads. I can spend hours digging through the sketchbook threads. Every second someone is posting something new. It's crazy.

    • GutterZombie.com Over 3600 Members. This is a very professional forum specifically for comic artists and even more specifically for comic colorists even though anyone can join and post work. Some of the art here is amazing and the feedback is very extensive and helpful. I've gotten some great advice here about lettering as well as finding a flatter. If you want to color comics then drop everything and goto Gutterzombie!

    • FlightForums Over 2500 Members. This is a very niche forum for small press comic artists. It's a good one to start with because it's slow paced and very friendly. If you're making an indie comic or want to show off 8 pager then start here.

    • CGsociety.org - Over 407,500 Members. This forum is more for 3D art and paintings but there are some interesting categorie to explore, nearly a half-million memebers you can easily get lost in this site.

    • IllustrationMundo.com - Over 2,100 Members. For serious illustrators and matte painters. If you want to specialize in illustration then go for it.

    • ComicBookResources.com – Over 54,000 members. Another great one for getting to know all the top artists that work in professional comics including some rough sketch versions of covers and lots of convention sketches too.

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