August 20, 2010

3D Maquette Tutorial

As some of you know, I am a digital Hoarder, a pack rat for keeping files, I have documents that are date stamped to 1989! Anyways, 10 years ago, to backup my files to transfer them onto another computer I would burn it all on CDs. Sometimes I'd transfer the files, sometimes I didn't, it was usually all junk, saving files and archiving everything I would ever create or find.

Here's one I had to share with everyone that I found in my 1999 pile of CDs, the author is "Smellybug", but if anyone knows who this guy really is, I'd love to give him proper credit.

He goes through the process on how to mold, sculpt and rig a creature out of clay, putty and wire. Awesome stuff.


holonick said...

Hi, you mentioned in your sculpting tutorial but I tried to get in contact with them and they seem to not be around any longer. Do you know of another 3d printing service that is as affordable as they were??
By the way, thanks for the great tutorial!

holonick said...

Also, this is the origin of this tutorial...from 2004.

Craig Daniels said...

The author is Peter Konig