October 29, 2010

The Awesome Art of Don Kenn

Don Kenn is a Danish writer and director of childrens’ television shows. In his limited spare time he draws “Monsterdrawings” on Post-It notes; as he describes them “…a little window into a different world, made on office supplies”.

The drawings, of ghouls and ghosts, sea monsters and living islands, haunted woods and city streets, combine the imaginative ramblings of doodles with a technique of hatching tones and range of atmosphere and effect reminiscent of Edward Gorey or Maurice Sendak.

Kenn creates great compositions by combining dense hatching with areas of open space, to excellent effect. I understand the fun of using unusual art supplies like Post-It notes, and the appeal of off-white drawing surfaces; but I think Kenn’s monster drawings are too good to not be made into larger scale prints. Maybe (hopefully) some day he'll open an Etsy account and sell them as 5x7 mini prints.

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