February 26, 2011

Acting References Part 3

"The clip below is a perfect example of Secondary Action. This was a principle of animation I had a lot trouble understanding originally. It’s often confused with Overlapping Action. In this clip, his dialog with Ben Affleck is the main action of the scene, the “secondary action” is him cutting the roses. It’s an unrelated Secondary Action, as there is nothing in the dialog that mentions flowers, but it works perfectly with the scene, as it’s a slightly aggressive action which causes a lot of tension. Secondary Action is a great way to add some flavor to your scene because in life we tend to always be doing something when we talk." - Kyle Kenworthy

Body language, postures and expressions should articulate the emotions of the actor as they project what they are feeling and saying through their physical bodies, whether it be live action or animation.

Videos found here.
Via On Animation

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