March 26, 2011

Effects Animation Resources and References

The amount of online resources nowadays compared to just a few short years ago is astounding, here's just a few of the things I've found, grouped together in one post.
The Works of Chris Graf
Here's samples of his animated 2D FX, made with ToonBoom.

Here's his final show reel:

More samples...
See his Vimeo site here.
Here's a fire test he made in Flash. 

Included are the roughs to show his progression.

Lastly, here's another quick clip he made in Flash.

Visit his blog, showcasing plenty of nice designs.
The Works of Jake Macher
I've known Jake for 10 years now, ever since I started directing animated series for television, and I've always relied on his incredible talents as an effects animator, check out his show reel, the FX kick in at 1:28. Visit his site with illustration work here.
The Works of Jason Keyser
Watch Keyser's incredible show reel of beautiful Flash FX Animation, and see his website with a few tutorials and samples of his art here.
The Show Reel of Nicolas Léger
Check out the nice FX work mixed into this animation demo. See his artwork here.

Akira FX animation pencil tests
Gobelins Students Create Animation FX Tests
Joël Corcia, Noé Lecombre, Corentin Penloup and Thomas Reteuna, have completed a special effects exercise of an explosion, smoke, and electricity.

Found on Lineboil
Spilled Oil
Here's a short PSA by MAKE. Displaying some excellent 2D fluids animation:
Whip Crack

A game developed by Effects Animation Supervisor Scott Peterson.
This game lets you assume control of a space-age whip as you crack through swarms of deadly enemies. Solve puzzles, earn upgrades, and fling your master across the screen while battling across 19 devious single-player missions.

Gameplay Trailer:

Here's the link to the game's website.
Crack that whip

Four-player Multiplayer (on one console)

Solving Puzzles

Cracking Asteroids

Multiplayer Recycler Madness

Blow Something Up

Thanks to Ehab Subahi for the link.

Slo Mo Guys
It doesn't get much better quality than the clips found on The Slo Mo Guys' YouTube Channel. See them all here.

These are my favorites.

Bring Color To Life
See the Making Of video here.
“The beauty of chance and high speed film come together for this new commercial for Canon’s Pixma printer. Shot over two days with biochemist Linden Gledhill and Award Winning Photographer Jason Tozer.”
The spot entitled ‘Bring Colour to Life’ was directed by the fantastic Christopher Hewitt and is as simple as a concept could be but is absolutely spectacular to watch. It’s a beautiful little piece of art that just happened to be commissioned by a client. You can also take a look at some amazing images from the shoot in Linden Gledhill’s Flickr account, aalong with Christopher Hewitt’s website, and these follow-ups for great FX animation references:
Video References for Fluids and Fire

"Coke Burn" Commercials - Awesome Flash FX Animation

The 2D Art & Animation Crew:
Kathleen Quaife, Philip Pignotti, John Armstrong, Jeff Zikry, Kendra Ryan, Joe Mullen, and Jon Gorman.

Click here to see some awesome high-speed photography and plenty of amazing references for FX animation!

Some of the most fantastic reference materials for ALL animators in recent years has been high-speed photography. There's a new show on Discovery Channel called Time Warp which explores new footage and it's an amazing resource for FX artists. Here's 12 clips. Make a point to watch the show, you won't be disappointed.

The internet has unlimited quantities of reference material the effects animators.
Here's just a few high-contrast black and white clips I've found of awesome video footage of ink drops in water and splatters of paint on a flat surfaces.




All these, plus more resources and step-by-step tutorials on Flash Effects Animation techniques can be found on my other blog here.

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