July 09, 2011

Juan of the Dead

Written and directed by Alejandro Bruges, Juan of the Dead takes place 50 years after the Cuban Revolution, where the island is overrun by zombies the government swears were sent by the United States. It’s then up to one man to attempt to solve the problem. Part Shaun of the Dead (obviously) but with a grittier look more akin to something culty and cool like Six-String Samurai, you’ve gotta see this bad-ass trailer for Juan of the Dead.

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tutorphil said...

Hey Ron,

Another something from CG Arts & Animation @ UCA, Rochester you might be interested in:


You kindly featured Tom Beg's CG version of Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights a while back; the link takes you to a showcase of all his graduating work, which includes his more recent - and very striking adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray; it combines lovingly created 3d sets, with more theatrical techniques and motion graphics, and takes as reference points the work of Aubrey Beardsley, David Lean, Night of the Hunter, and Saul Bass! See what you think!