October 05, 2011

Bring Color To Life


See the Making Of video here.
“The beauty of chance and high speed film come together for this new commercial for Canon’s Pixma printer. Shot over two days with biochemist Linden Gledhill and Award Winning Photographer Jason Tozer.”
The spot entitled ‘Bring Colour to Life’ was directed by the fantastic Christopher Hewitt and is as simple as a concept could be but is absolutely spectacular to watch. It’s a beautiful little piece of art that just happened to be commissioned by a client. I can see these effects inspiring graphic designers all day long. You can also take a look at some amazing images from the shoot in Linden Gledhill’s Flickr account, aalong with Christopher Hewitt’s website, and these follow-ups for great FX animation references:
www.dentsulondon.com/blog/2010/09/28/sound-sculptures/  Timing and flash triggering by StopShot, see www.cognisys-inc.com


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