November 04, 2011

Tom Neely's "Popeye"

Neely's not lying about the surreal tone of his Popeye story, which pits the sailor man against his exact double in seemingly psychological battle that manifests itself in all-too-tangible ways. Even if a gig from Yoe would mean treading ground more akin to creator E.C. Segar's tales, Neely's a more than worthy of Segar's legacy based on his art chops alone. You can read Neely's full Doppelganger comic, reposted with permission, after the jump and order a 16-page black and white printed version for $6 from Neely's official online store. What's more, fans can download a free e-reader version of Neely's Popeye comic and other works at Via comicsalliance

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