December 04, 2011

Weird Al - "Perform This Way"

I've been a Weird AL Yankovic fan since I first saw Eat it and Like a Surgeon. I'm glad to see the guy's still got it! This video is complete madness, it's so awesome. He does music video parody like no other, in fact no one else does it all! The Lonely Island might be the only guys that ocassionaly do parody style, but usually it's all original comedy songs. Which Weird Al has also done over the years (decades) while mixing it up with musical satire as well.

There's plenty of artists who do comedy songs, it was particularly big in the 80s and 90s, but it's definately not as common as it used to be.  If you haven't seen Weird Al's crazy awesome creepy video yet, check it out:

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