April 06, 2012

Easy Two-Point Perspective Guides in Photoshop

Source: eh1 deviant / eh1 tumblr

Version 1

Version 2


Anonymous said...

The two point grid is wrong. As we look at this grid items further from us get larger however in reality they clearly get smaller. The star grid doesn't account for the spacing of the lines being dictated by a common measurement in the foreground of the image. Instead it suggests even spacing of the lines radiating from the Vp1 and 2. However you also need a Station point, and ground line as well as the Horizon Line and a possible Picture plane if you are doing technical drawings. The 1st method can make correct grids but you have to line them up and scale them properly and you will likely need another well placed grid for the ground plane.

All an all if you don't know how to make a proper grid these methods wont help much. Even the untrained eye will look at the work and "feel" something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

The PDF at
Has some good tutorials. They aren't shortcuts but they will teach the right way to do perspective.

If it doesn't have to be perfect there are also good training videos on how to eyeball perspective on ctrlpaint.com

Ron said...

Wow, thanks Salway!

dawidtailor said...

The celebrity collections doesn't consideration for the space of the collections being determined by a common statistic in the forefront of the picture.

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Photoshop tutorials said...

Love these step by step photoshop tutorials . Amazing post.

Rara said...

Wow, this is. REALLY. Helpful. I'm gonna try this next time. Thanks a lot!