October 17, 2012

Frog Bar - short film

Frog Bar is a new stop motion film in the works, it's a collaborate project between Nick Walker, an animator at Industrial Light and Magic, and the students at Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Stop-Motion requires a LOT of physical materials, and we need help raising the money. They're looking for other animation enthusiasts to consider contributing to their Kickstarter, and help us spread the world!

Make sure to watch the “Update #1” video for some fun frog armatures dancing Gangnam Style!

The film is about a Frog Bus Boy working at a Bar occupied by Frog Patrons. Two of these patrons are Mob Bosses, escorted by their henchmen. One Mob Boss has a beautiful frog girl with him (known as "the Mol"). When the Bus Boy sees the Mol, he instantly falls for her and whisks her out onto the dance floor.

However, the bracelet she's wearing is meant to be used as payment for an exchange that the Mob Bosses are orchestrating. Being whisked away means that her previous date no longer has payment, so he sends his henchmen after her.

Hilarity ensues as the Henchmen are thwarted and the bar turns into a mix of choreographed dance and complete and utter destruction.

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MattyD said...

Before he starts animating, he should check out Omertà:


Seems oddly similar.