November 21, 2012

"BATZ" on Kickstarter!

"Batz" is a nice looking short-film project by Max Maleo and Aurelien Prédal (makers of the amazing Burning Safari) is on Kickstarter. They (and Kawa Animation Studio) only need about $24,000 to finish the film.

The story

Batz is a modern and graphic cartoon, which tells the chaotic meeting of two bats that are very different. A simple bias guides the film : even if they are freaky and weird animals , bats can still be fun, cute and kick ass! Teaching audiences how to overlook our differences and make them into strengths.


VAMP is a small bat from a colony at the top of a rotton building. His diet is simple : mosquitoes at every meal! Except this food
peculiarity, the small creature is agile, nervous and rash. She's also very selfish and openly

ROUSS is a foxbat, who lives alone in the tunnels of the subway.she is afraid of mosquitoes more than anything in the world. She's particularly attentive to her environment and to her lifestyle ; Her diet is strictly vegetarian.

MOUSTIK is a very juicy mosquito who rarely shows emotion. His instinct constantly urges him to look for blood. Alone , he seems harmless. Once in mosquito pack, he turns out to be really threatening...

SUBWAY is a huge moray eel, made of metal and electricity. Howling and thundering, he rushes madly at 200miles /hour into the underground of the city.

About the film

Batz is a CG cartoon movie. The action takes place in an urban and underground environment,
a world made of complex and disintegrated geometries.

Batz is a project that we have been dreaming about for a long time, and we love what we see : the artwork and the excitment of the animation we've seen so far give us big expectations.

Watch the pitch video below and read more info about it here.
And Donate!

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