March 24, 2013

Pilot Evolution - by Martin Allais

"Create, remove, evolve" was the theme of this ad, and the end result is fantastic.
The campaign involved combining cell animation and stop motion techniques. I'm a huge fan of this style of animation, black and white, one long shot (no cuts), lots of morphing techniques and great good old fashion hand-drawn traditional animation.

The objective of the campaign was to promote one of the Pilot pen brand’s latest models, the Frixion, whose main feature is that it lets you both write and erase. Based on this premise, the main task was to offer an unprecedented reading of the history of evolution in which the pen — a metaphor for divine intervention — provides a solution each time a problem arises, to rectify the situation and allow the species to evolve correctly through each of their stages. Created by the agency Grey, produced by Boolab.

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