May 22, 2013

Gustav Hoegen - Animatronics Showreel

Gustav's specialty is Animatronic Puppetry and Prosthetic Makeup Effects for TV and Film. His credits and some shots shown in this video include: Prometheus, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who and more:

Animatronics is mainly used in movie making, but also in theme parks and other forms of entertainment. Its main advantage over CGI and stop motion is that the simulated creature has a physical presence moving in front of the camera in real time. The technology behind animatronics has become more advanced and sophisticated over the years, making the puppets even more realistic and lifelike.

Of course Jim Henson and Stan Winston were pioneers in this field of special effects with films like Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Terminator, Aliens, and The Thing. People like Gustav was inspired by these great works and bring these techniques and skill sets to brand new heights.

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Annie said...

I could NOT close my mouth. This is incredible. Thanks for showing!