June 29, 2013

Check it out here.

16 Comics. 17 Artists. One incredible anthology!

From the founders:
This project was initially conceived during a conversation over a shared pot of tea. After a whirlwind of an experience with our artist table at Hal-con 2012, we wanted to really challenge ourselves to see what we could pull together with enough hard work, creativity and determination.

We put a call out to our circle of friends and beyond, with a set of goals and guidelines, requesting submissions of 1-10 page comics unified with the theme of "Introductions". In seven months, we collected over 100 pages in a set of 16 very unique comics from 17 very talented artists. This project really wouldn't be possible without the combined ambitions and efforts of everybody!

16 Debut is about taking that fun idea you had with friends over a pot of tea and turning it into a reality. It’s about taking that first, oh so intimidating step, towards turning ambitions into achievements. It's about making your creative debut to the world!

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