July 28, 2013

Concept Art from "Star Wars: Rebels" Animated Series

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liminalD said...

I am ridiculously excited about this. The last one there looks like Alderaan as depicted in Ralph McQuarrie's original concept art, and after the mess that was the Prequel Trilogy - salvaged somewhat by the excellent Clone Wars tv series - it looks like they're back on track with the new films and now Rebels. Stylistically, design-wise, it just LOOKS like the Star Wars I remember from my youth.

It'll be interesting to see what new characters they give us - with a twenty year hole between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, there's a lot of scope. Will we get Starkiller? Will we see Shaak Ti on Felucia? God, I hope so. What about seeing a young Leia, Luke and Han, before they met, voiced by the original actors? I dunno if that'd be a good idea or not, but it could be awesome if handled right, and with Dave Filoni involved I think that's a pretty safe bet. And he'll be aided by the talented Greg Weisman, too, who created the excellent Gargoyles cartoon back in the 90s. So, good cause for optimism, then, a new hope, if you will ;)

And it'd be nice if they could answer some of those questions Clone Wars left us with - what became of Maul, and the Nightsisters? What about Captain Rex and Commander Cody - how did they cope with having to execute the Jedi they'd served alongside? I'm not so sure I want them to revisit Ahsoka - I loved her toward the end of Clone Wars, but that final four-episode arc was just the perfect finale, absolutely heart-breaking. I'd hate for them to accidentally ruin it.

And of course, most importantly, Rebels will have the chance to continue the salvaging of the screen's greatest movie monster, Darth Vader. Clone Wars handled the fall of Anakin Skywalker far more subtly and effectively than the Prequel Trilogy did, but was saddled with the burden that it had to lead to the films' emo-Annie and that final, cringe-worthy, infamous 'NOOOOOOO!' Rebels, by contrast, will be blessed with having put that mess behind it, able to focus on Vader as the merciless terror we all fondly prefer to remember him as. We'll finally be able to see Darth Vader in full black costume kicking ass like we all wanted to see in the Prequel Trilogy. It'll be AMAZEBALLS :O