August 21, 2013

Pose Drawing SparkBook: Put Life Into Your Drawings

More about the hardcover options here.

About the Sparkbook:

Master storytellers at studios like Disney/Pixar and comic book greats like Will Eisner have all understood a fundamental principle: "Show, don't tell". In other words, it's more entertaining for an audience to *see* what a character is thinking or feeling rather than to have the character express it with dialogue. Remember the "married life" sequence in Up that made everyone in the audience cry? Not a single word was spoken for several minutes, and yet we were all deeply moved.

If you can master the skill of using drawings to communicate thoughts and feelings, you'll go a long way towards becoming a successful storytelling artist. That's what connects with an audience. It makes your characters relatable and causes us to care.

Cedric (author & Illustrator) plans to create a super-charged sketchbook designed to help you capture that "spark of life" as you draw. It's more than a sketchbook, it's a SparkBook!

Sprinkled throughout the book will be 32 pages of information and examples to inspire you. Think of them as acting lessons for your drawings. Things may change and evolve as I write but for now I'm planning to cover the following topics:

• Acting For Artists: Making Drawings That Entertain
• Understanding Facial Expressions
• Acting With The Entire Body
• Thumbnails: Small Drawings That Make A Big Difference
• How Personality And Emotions Affect Behavior
• Pantomime: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
• Resources For Further Study

Size: 7in. x 10in.
240 pages (120 sheets)
Metal wire-o double loop binding
Paperback cover (Hardcover upgrade if stretch goal is met.)

Each challenge will be printed in light-gray type to minimize any distractions as you draw.

The book will be printed on real sketchbook paper, but because the paper has to run through a printing press it will be flattened out and the "tooth" of the paper will be lost. However, it should still be able to withstand more abuse (erasing, wet media, etc.) than typical book paper would.

Sample of its contents - 100 sketchbook ideas.

Make sure to donate a few dollars and spread the word, it's a great resource for comic artists and storyboard artists.

See the kickstarter page here.

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