September 12, 2013

John Gibbs - Animation Director

G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, and Transformers - just some of the many animated series I grew up with, I've begun to track down the animation directors for some of these and many other TV shows like them, and for he next couple months I'll be making weekly profiles on some of these extraordinary individuals.

John Gibbs began his career as an animator in 1966, he worked for a decade in dozens of shorts, then worked as an animator steadily for various television series for another 5 years. Then, in 1981, he began is directing career.

Though from the research I've done online, it would seem he was insanely busy from 1981-1986, but afterwards there's no credits with his name found anywheres. I don't know what has happened to him, but this is his full credits list below, and thus my very small tribute to this animation director that time has forgot.

Defenders of the Earth (TV series) (supervising director - 5 episodes)

Solarman (TV movie) (supervising director)

Robotix (TV series) (supervising director)

Jem (TV series) (supervising director - 5 episodes)

G.I. Joe (TV series) (supervising director - 55 episodes)

Dungeons & Dragons (TV series) (supervising director - 27 episodes)

My Little Pony: Escape from Catrina (TV movie) (supervising director)

Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines (video) (supervising director)

Muppet Babies (TV series) (supervising director - 13 episodes)

Transformers (TV series) (supervising director - 3 episodes, sequence director - 13 episodes)

My Little Pony (TV movie) (supervising director)

The Incredible Hulk (TV series) (animation director - 13 episodes)

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (TV series) (animation director - 24 episodes)


liminalD said...

It's weird to think of someone being involved in both G.I. Joe and My Little Pony ;)

diego78 said...

Oh! Good to know about him. There are so many good directors and producers now days. Do you know Andy Yeatman? His kids’ content on Netflix is tremendous. I was very sad when I got to know that he stopped working with Netflix. The content has drastically changed now.