October 17, 2013

Life in the Analog Age - Volume 3

Gabe Swarr's third volume of his comic has arrived, collecting the entire third year of Life In The Analog Age, and it's even better than before.

He taps into a vein of nostalgia that only exists in your childhood memories, the sights, smells, sounds and feelings get re-created and re-told in this three-toned comicbook. His stories are told in such a genuine way, you can't help but relate to the characters and place yourself in the author's thoughts and draw parallels to your own memories from youth.

This is the final book in the trilogy of collected weekly comics. This stand-alone edition is filled with long and short stories all about Little Bear Kid's everyday life during a time of simplicity and self discovery.

-116 page, full color, Manga sized (5.25" x 7.5")
-includes all 25 “Advent Gift” strips
-19 page story “Hero”
-exclusive 24 page story “Dumpster”
-2 extra side projects
-bonus behind the scenes images & photos

This book released October 2013 is available in traditional form ($12.99) and for digital download ($4.99) at the Life In The Analog store.


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