April 25, 2014

'The Nature of Frédéric Back' by Phil Comeau

The Nature of Frédéric Back draws a masterful portrait of an exceptional man. A visual artist and animation filmmaker, he has produced an immense body of work that imparts an essential message. With their luminous poetry, their freshness and emotion, his films are both universal and timeless.

The two-time Oscar winner for "Crac!" and "The Man Who Planted Trees" had reached a wise old age but lost none of his passion, or the wonder or outrage that have always moved him. Frédéric Back was, and will always remain, a model for us all.

Here's the trailer for the biographical documentary film.

Four months ago today, Frédéric Back passed away at the age of 89. I'm so glad this film got made before his passing, and is now available to purchase here.

He was a prolific illustrator and graphic artist in addition to being an astounding filmmaker and animator. He documented his life and work in extensive detail on his personal website. Something else worth reading is this remembrance by historian Charles Solomon.

His films, beautiful and expressive works of art in their own right, are also noteworthy for their environmental and social consciousness. A true artist, and a master of his craft.

Abracadabra (1970)

¿Illusion? (1975)

Tout rien (1978)

Crac! (1981)

The Man Who Planted Trees (1987)

The Mighty River (1993, in French)

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Anonymous said...

Love your site! ... A great film THE NATURE OF FREDERIC BACK, on the life of Frederic Back, shot just before he died. Saw film online.