November 06, 2014

Flix - Storyboarding Tool

- Designed specifically for the story process, FLIX is full of features that allow artists to find better and faster ways to draw and share storyboard panels.

- Save time and money on production and make the creative process more open by bringing editorial, pre-viz and even lighting into the creative process much earlier on.

- Posting panels to editorial is automatic and instantaneous. Easily play back panels in the correct order with the latest timing information and audio track and pitch the story reel immediately, to anyone anywhere with web browser access.

- Remove arduous non-creative tasks like naming and file management from the list of things a story artist needs to think about.

- Editing panels is easy. Simply double click on the panel and it’s opened in Adobe® Photoshop®, Maya®, TVPaint, FCP 7, Premiere16, MODO or a host of other 2D and 3D creative applications. Then save back to FLIX and instantly see your new version in context.
Take the technical complexities of trying to remain organised. Never lose a version of a project. Everything is stored and can found whenever you want to go back over the project history.

- Share ideas, collaborate and iterate together with everyone on the project, remotely from anywhere in the world.
Innovative time saving features help artists get a headstart. Panels can also contain 3D camera and other metadata that will always be stored and travel with the panel.

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