August 25, 2016

White Night 2016

An Urban Dance Animation, made as the official promotion for the 'White Night 2016' event in Tel Aviv city.
The short clip was made by video rotoscoping and traditional 2D animation techniques. It was crafted by hand and then scanned into a computer for color inverting and final editing.

They filmed an original choreography by Shamel Pitts from 'Bat-Sheva' dance company, and placed it next to animated versions
of famous urban symbols around Tel Aviv city.

Directed and Animated by: Naama Zarfaty and Nadia Dubijansky
Dance and Choreography: Shamel Pitts
Sound Design: Ralf Hildenbeutel
Typography: Keren & Golan Graphic Design
Photography: Naama Noach
Client: Municipality of Tel Aviv
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