November 01, 2016

Shirley Collins | Pretty Polly

It was actually filmed in camera on real film with no edits. At times involving 18 people moving sets and operating puppets, lights, clouds, hills and other elements in real time.

They have also put together a making of video. This really gives an idea of how much fun and hard work went into the film.

Music and Vocals- Shirley Collins
"The Instrument"- Ian Keary
Drums- Alex Neilson
Commissioner- Bart McDonagh
Director- Layla Atkinson
Producer- Richard Barnett
DoP- Pete Ellmore
Gaffers- Jonathan Yates, Adam Bell
Illustration- Jock Mooney
Art Department Head- John Harmer
Art Department- Layla Atkinson, Rebecca Manley
Art Workers- Adrian Leak, Shirley McNicholas, Leyla McNicholas, Victoria Szelachowska, Lucy Blackhurst
Puppet Makers- Bernard Pilgrim, Garry Rutter, Richard Barnett, Jock Mooney
Puppeteers- Garry Rutter, Rebecca Manley
Scenery Shifters- Fiona Mckiernan, Mehmet Ulusahin, Luca Paulli, Rok Predin, Kieran Letts, Hannah Wilson, Violeta Paez Armando, Alec Kronacker, Pip Piporo
Rigging- Richard Barnett, Chris Heinhold
Grade- Jonny T at Glassworks
Lighting- Panalux
Lab- Kodak
Record Company- Domino Records
Thanks to- Rocket Van, London Diamond Drilling, Jack Wood at Glassworks, Flints, Bernard Pilgrim, Jane Pfaff, Karine Gama and Kelly Amundsen at Panalux, Kodak, Chris Harvey, Duncan Martin at Pro-Motion

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