June 21, 2017

The Golden Apple

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-golden-apple-animated-series-pilot-episode- fantasy-animation#/

The Golden Apple Facebook page: https://www.fb.com/goldenappleseries/

Official website of the series: http://goldenappleseries.com/

The team behind The Golden Apple animated series is inviting their fans to peek behind the scenes of the production. Its creator and art director Dimitar Petrov is sharing secrets from Studio Zmei in a 10-minute video blog. He demonstrates all the different stages of the project – from the character design to developing special software to create Kuker magic based on traditional Bulgarian embroidery. This way, animation fans can get to know what an idea goes through before it becomes an animated film:

The video is aimed at all fans who are following the project, as well as at everyone interested in animation. Anyone who directly supports the crowdfunding campaign for a pilot episode will get access to more of these monthly vlogs documenting the stages that The Golden Apple goes through before reaching the screen.
“The goal is to show our accountability to the people who have helped us make the episode,” says Petrov. The idea is to get the project’s followers as involved as possible in the creative process. The Golden Apple team is also trying to show their supporters why it takes so many people, so much time and resources to create a quality animation production.
The vlog demonstrates in detail the stages that each character and background design development goes through, the planning of each frame, colour treatment and music. Fans will also learn what is the role of the Lead designer and the Art director, why is a storyboard needed, what the terms ‘layout’ and ‘animatic’ mean, and how teams of dozens of animators are able to draw the characters and backgrounds in the same style.
The Golden Apple pilot episode is necessary in order to finalise negotiations with partners and investors for a full season. Studio Zmei will finance its creation with the ongoing crowdfunding campaign. The Bulgarian National Television is a co-producer for the episode and helps with 20% of its budget.
About Studio Zmei and The Golden Apple
The Golden Apple is a project for an animated series inspired by Bulgarian myths, legends and folklore. The story takes place in a fantasy world that is entirely based on Bulgarian folklore, and the narrative takes the spirit and lessons from our favourite legends and folk tales.
Studio Zmei was founded in 2015 and its current team includes over 28 professionals in five different countries, specialised in animation, illustration and folklore.

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