January 06, 2018

Why BLADE RUNNER 2049 Deserves An OSCAR | Sound - Cinematography - Style

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Unknown said...

123movies to - Granted, that I have not yet seen the original Blade Runner, I was very keen to see this one, also with regards to the positive reviews and ratings , that it had received. And I have to say, that both my wife and me were quite disappointed in the end. Good things first: Certainly the visuals are stunning, the music is fitting and the story potentially interesting. But IMO this is it. In the end there is no noteworthy or rememberable scene in the whole movie. The dialog, if any, is mostly neglectable and why people are praising the acting is beyond me. Ryan Gossling is playing the same thing as in "Drive" or "The place beyond pines" as the cool guy, who doesn't really talk much and just looks manly. In the case of Harrison Ford, if, as others reviewers have pointed, this was his best performance, then I am wondering, what he actually did lately, as I also don't see him shine in any way in this role. And this basically goes on for the rest of the cast, where the main underlying problem IMO is, that all there roles are so underdeveloped, that ultimately I didn't care for any of them. In the end I found this movie a visual appealing piece of art, which failed to entertain due to the above mentioned issues. So compared to other movies, who are visually appealing and entertaining (Zhang Yimou's "Hero" comes to my mind as an example), I don't see, why this should be a masterpiece.
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