August 18, 2019

'Birdlime' by Evan DeRushie

Puppets: Brenda Baumgarten
Art Director: Winston Hacking
Composer: Bram Gielen
Sound: Marcel Ramagnano
Gibberish Lead: Helen Donnelly
Gibberish Performers: Laura Harris, Andrew Gaboury, Phil Koole, Helen Donnelly
Armatures: Mike Emiglio, Brenda Baumgarten
Costumes: Bonnie Burns
Vocals: Robin Dann, Ghislain Aucoin, Bram Gielen
Drums: Nico Dann
Guitar: Matt Smith
Colourist: Zachary Cox
Online editor: Andres Landau
Development support by: The National Film Board of Canada
Studio space provided by" PixFilm
Production support by: The Toronto Animated Image Society
Made with financial support from:
Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council

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