September 08, 2020

'isle of Chair' by Ivyy Chen

There are so many beautiful little details in this meditative short by filmmaker Ivyy Chen. The way the wind moves across the blades of grass, or the little clouds of dust that appear as the character stands up off the ground. This film explores the theme of mental health and our desire to fix things that we think need fixing. Seen on booooooomtv. Written and Directed by Ivyy Chen Storyboard and Designed by Ivyy Chen Animated by Chen Hao Chuang, Ivyy Chen, Yi Ju Tseng, Liang Hsin Huang Animation Assistance by David Rock Colouring by Yi Ju Tseng Original Score by Sarah Playford Foley, Sound Design and Mixing by Mei Yi Ting Chang Sponsored by Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation

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