November 07, 2006

Under The Cherry Tree & Suburban Harmony

It's always refreshing to see stylized applications of CG animation as opposed to today's ubiquitous photoreal approach. "Under the Cherry Tree" is a music video that combines cut-out characters within a dimensional, yet stylized and evocative, setting. It was conceived and directed by Dael Oates of Animal Logic for the Australian electronica/rock group Telemetry Orchestra. I especially love the color schemes most of all, pale earth tones with a slight soft focus/old western effect over top everything creates an amazing look and feel.

Another amazing piece is this Flash-animated music video for Telemetry Orchestra's song "Suburban Harmony". It was created by London-based Australian Steve Scott, who is also a member of the band. The video is quite clearly a tribute to Heinz Edelmann's production design for THE YELLOW SUBMARINE (1968), with touches of other late-60s graphic styling like Terry Gilliam's animated films and the illustrations of New York design studio Push Pin. Check out his animation/illustration portfolio at

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