November 18, 2006

Best intros ever - Part 13



Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors


Tony said...

Silverhawks was awesome. Not as good as the Thundercats, but still good in it own right.

How come no one remembers Buck O'Hare? That whole cartoon rocked! Including the intro.

murrayb said...

man, that voltron intro sucked hardcore. Just clips from the show, peter"optimus" cullens doing the narration(whos not in the show at all),that cheesy video effect of those "photos" falling, and the commodore 64 robot voice.
jayce & Silverhawks big thumbs up tho, if only for the horrible rock anthems.(alto, the "part-ly metal part-ly real" part always confused me is metal not "real"?)
gotta get robotech up there, if just for the superman theme ripoff.Or pole posistion, that had a great theme ( swear to this day it said "whats behind this cool show" )