November 03, 2006

Best intros ever

Well, OK, maybe not the best, I never watched these shows, but they get Honorable Mention:

Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos



Mitchel Kennedy said...

Cool stuff, but you're forgetting two great intros!:

Silverhawks -- great animation, and a rockin' space cowboy.

And Captain N -- because videogames are cool:

Mitchel Kennedy said...

Oh yea, don't forget this one!:

Dragonball's correctly translated intro. The cool thing about Dragonball is that the animation in the series actually exceeds that of the intro!

murrayb said...

Ye gods, I now must have the complete series of chuck norris' karate commandos. a fun drinking game would be to take a swig every time they say "chuck norris" judging by that intro.
Villan-"Oh no! its Chuck Norris and the Chuck Norris' karate commandos!Curse you Chuck Norris!!"

dinosaucers-I got nothin'.I'm sure that show was cancelled mid pilot.

It would of been amazing if aunt may was sitting on that couch, and was grusomely crushed by it changing into a computer.

Ron said...

Captain N however, I had totally forgotten about, that was amazing! Classic intro!