October 10, 2006

Ghostbusters - Best intros ever - Part 1

I find there are no more good intros for animated series anymore. The 80s had long, grand, epic 60 sec. intros that really added a lot to the show. Extra care and quality was always put in, most of the time entirely different studios were commissioned to do it and had a separate large budget and schedule to execute these nice promos.
I shall endeavor to regularly find theses classic cartoon intros for display.


Gillian said...

oh man the memories!!!

Mirco said...

So impresive! It's instantly 3 pm after school when watching this. my favourite part the tinker bell like "The Real" at the end. You should try to find the beging to cops I remember that one suckering me in to watching that show for at least 6 or seven episodes.

Anonymous said...

Cops, Thundercats... even Gummy Bears. There's a lot of great intros from the 80s. You should check out www.retrojunk.com for lots of good ideas! Can't wait to see what you come up with....... ahh the memories.