October 02, 2006

Matt Damon Playing Captain Kirk?

Following rumors that his cohort, Ben Affleck, was up for the role, Matt Damon is now said to be sought for the role of the young Star Trek captain James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' possible prequel to the franchise:

Apparently J.J. ABRAMS is very interested in casting the Oscar-winning Damon as a young Captain Kirk in the upcoming 'Star Trek' movie that he's directing and producing. He's so interested that he's apparently already sought support from the original Kirk and Shattner has given Abrams his blessing.
If this is true, they might as well just go ahead and cast Affleck as Spock and make the whole thing Good Will Hunting at the Starfleet Academy. Instead of reciting his classic "how do you like them apples" zing, young Kirk could update it for the 23rd century. Like, "How do you like them tribbles?" or whatever the equivalent of apples would be for them. Space apples?

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