March 08, 2007

Recruiting new talent for the studio - Part 2

First we visited the awesomely talented animators of Miramichi and left a nice impression there, and now the 3rd and 4th year classes of Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario. It was a fun trip, did some realy quick site-seeing then gave a presentation to the Sheridan students, it seemed to blow their minds to see what Flash can do and we got lots of them interested in our up coming projects. Mark and I were exhausted after over 60 interviews, some Flash demos and tutorials and then a quick tour of Queen and Young street in Toronto.

The lecture hall.
We talked about the company, then
showed them what Flash could do in
classically-trained animators' hands
and they couldn't believe it!

Here' just the 4th year students' studio,
over 500 animation students currently in the program.

I was at MacDonald's apparently.

The place where angels come to bake.
The Krispy Kreme, where they make the best
220 grams in saturated fats donut delicacies you ever tasted.

We went to the Mirco store!
That's right, Mirco owns a store
and we were there!
Check out the crazy stuff that was in there!
Knock-offs of EVERYthing, movies that
just came out in theaters were selling
there in perfect packaging, 7 movies
for $20 and there were thousands
of them. A billion anime dolls and
books, along with lots of chinese foods.

Trillions of toys.

Some sort of accident.

This is in a mall!! Here piggy, piggy, piggy.

Good 'ol Much!

The Velvet Underground... a VAMPIRE bar!!
Seriously... people dress up as vampires,
get all gothed-up, and hang out there,
you're not allowed in unless you're a vampire.

Heaven on Earth the massive comic book shop known as Silver Snail.

Monkey playing piano!

Cables for cable-cars!

The Magic-Pony shop was proabbly the
coolest shop I went inot during our short
visit downtown, this wasa painting entitled
"The First All-Witch Acadian Hockey Team"

Cool architecture.

My mini getting towed away.

Speakers Corner!

The first Hard Rock Cafe.

A flock of geese attacked the Eaton Center while we were there!

Gargoyles atop the clocktower!

Zanzibar: "Where the women don't stop!"
Unfortunately we didn't have the
chance to visit and find out if that was true.

The first Sam The Record Man.

After walking thru these heavanly gates,
how could anyone buy a PC ever again ?

The Apple store was amazing,
I was drooling everywhere, shorting out
equipment from all the siliva.

The technology and gadgets were amazing.

The Hockey Hall of Fame.

This random lady wanted her picture
taken with Mark, then she fled,
we're still not sure why.

My first time at the Old Spaghetti Factory!
No, it wasn't an industrial plant,
it was just a nice pasta restaurant.

My first time in a subway train!

My first time in a subway station!

My first subway wino!

The great robot hand of tomorrow!
No explanation, it was just sitting
there in the middle of the mall.

My first time on a mono rail!!!!
Its like a train way up high in the sky!
We had to take one so we wouldn't
miss our flight, I think we went 710 km/h,
so we got to our terminal in 18 seconds.

And finaly, after an exhausting two days of presentations,interviews, and walking around in -37 degree temperature... We chilled out in Mark's Hotel Suite, where he had the water bubbling in his own jacuzzi hot tub.... very relaxing.


tom baasner(baz) said...


Darryl Bisson said...

Its Brokeback Mountain 2. "How come I cant quit you Ron?".

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a really sensual time. But Ron, be careful. I know Cappello... he'll only break your heart.

clifford chiu said...

looks like you guys had a fun time LOL... especially like the random lady and the last shot :P


ps. hire me!

SteveLambe said...

Sheridan students can tend to be quite the animation snobs sometimes. Glad to hear that you wowed them with the flash demos, Ron.

Ron said...

Yeah, it's a shame that colleges in Canada still don't teach Flash in their 2D training programs, at least not anything past tweening a few circles and text around.

I taught 14 classes for just a small class of a dozen students up in Truro for their 2-year Digital Animation Course, they seemed to learn a lot from it, and their overall 2D paper animation seemed to improve as a result as well.

There's enough Flash animators using the software with a traditional approach that you'd think it would be part of the cirriculum for all animation courses, at least instruct the basics.

God knows there's nearly a hundred different series that have been produced now that have used Flash for its art and animation, its an undeniable truth that Flash/Toonboom software is here to stay, lets prepare the students coming out of college!

Meaghan Peer; said...

algonquin used to teach it - but thats been overthrown by harmony now...