March 29, 2007


Shown above is a demo on Microsoft's latest Windows OS: Vista. And once again with each new Windows edition, Microsoft copies styles, techniques and programming that Mac had years earlier. This has been true since 1984, Windows has always been a few years behind Mac in every development of their technologies, it took a while for me to convert, I didn't want to let the PC go, but it was undeniable how Mac (to me) was superior for the field of graphics and animation that I was getting into. I began using PCs when I was 12 years old and continued using them for 16 years. I first operated a mac about 12 years ago, liked it, but I wasn't convinced that I couldn't survive without both, I only completely converted from PC to Mac 3 years a go, I got rid of my last PC and never looked back.

Here's the Mac ad spoof for it:
Here's a great animated short - Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs:

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