June 24, 2007

New Animation Bookstore in Toronto

If this would have been around when I visited Toronto a short while a go, I think I might still be paying off my credit card from the fun I would have had in this shop.Labyrinth bookstore

Toronto-area folks now have their own local alternative to Bud Plant and Stuart Ng’s. The Labyrinth is a brand new bookstore specializing in animation, illustration, artist sketchbooks, graphic novels and manga. The store, open seven days a week, is located at 386 Bloor Street West (2 blocks west of Spadina Subway station). The shop also has a small gallery space which owner Dan Merisanu says will be used for monthly artist shows starting in July. A website with basic details is over here and there’s also a blog which lists new books in stock.

Labyrinth bookstore

Thanks to CartoonBrew for the info!


blah said...

I remember Dan from when he used to sell books at Sheridan. I spent A LOT of money there. Hopefully soon he'll have his online ordering ready ^_^

~Rabbit Heart Design~ said...

OooOOh I'll definetly have to check it out!

~Rabbit Heart Design~ said...

Okay, yes the store is amazing, I went there today to look around...sooo many good books, many are autographed by the artists too! And there is a huge animation/comic book festival happening the end of august.