June 23, 2007

Peter and the Wolf

Piotruś i Wilk (Pierre et le Loup)
Directed by: Suzie TEMPLETON
Designed by: Marek SKROBECKI
Country: United-Kingdom, Poland
Year: 2006





A-R Dumont said...

That was amazing. How is this done Ron? Stop motion or 3D or something else?

Ron said...

All stop motion, some CG for the falling snow, but that's it.

A-R Dumont said...

If those characters are like puppets or dolls, how are they moving their eyeballs around?

Ron said...

Just like dolls, move them one millimeter at a time, snap a photo, move them again, snap a photo, very subtle movenets just mean very little spacing between each frame, the eyeball is lose and movable with the the "doll's" head in the socket, wires, joints, aramteurs for the body that allow animators to move the puppet slightly and take consecutive photos of each new pose, the same for facial animation.

Ron said...

It won many awards at Annecy (the biggest animation festival there is) and rightfully so, very ambitious, large sets, 20 minutes in length, and sometimes some very technically-difficult character animation.