July 30, 2007

La Vieille Dame et Les Pigeons (1998)

A film by Sylvain Chomet.
A starving gendarme, wasting away from hunger, is reduced to grabbing castoff snacks from fat American tourists. When he sees an old woman feeding pigeons, in desperation he hits on the bizarre idea of dressing up as one, replete with a grotesque, oversized head, and passing himself off as one of them!

The amazing animation, great acting and Chomet's tradmark designs are all brilliant. You'll notice the visual style more predominantly recognized years later in The Triplets of Belleville. I urge you to watch this fantastic short film.

20 minutes long
MP4 format

1000 kbits/s

150 MB

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been looking for this movie everywhere and I'm not in the US. Is there anyway I can download/stream it?