July 24, 2007


James White is the creator of Forge, an art generating program he built to aid him in creating works where most elements are out of his control and random. The program forces him to allow elements to react unto themselves and experiment with massive layering of the generated outputs. Flowers, geometric shapes, and crazy architecture are some of the elements he uses.

See samples of this and other traditional and digital art he has developed in his art gallery here.

See a live version here, of Forge in action, keep hitting the refresh button on your browser to see random alternatives.

Buy the new Art of James White book here.
Containing over 100 pages of selected pieces from his personal portfolio accumulated over the last 8 years. Filled with sketches, character design, illustration, digital fine art, logo work and posters. Selected as Blurb's Book of the Week.

In addition, the cool Generator.x Flickr Pool is a wonderful sight to see, filled with many digital 2D/3D abstract imagery, reminiscent of fractal design programs that I always had fun playing with.

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Curtis said...

Jim did what now?
My mind is blown, these are awesome!