January 12, 2008


If you love learning about the film making process, then you must get the new Blade Runner: Collector's Edition.

Containing an unbelievable 'Making Of' DVD on the writing, designing, casting, and filming of this awesome sci-fi flick.

I was blown away at the details, the never-before seen footage, the illustrations and storyboards, the interviews with original cast members and production staff, and the relentless amount of information divulged in this 'Dangerous Days' documentary.

It's a fantastic thing to watch and it will make you appreciate the film on a whole other level!


Anonymous said...

If you ever want to know how to make the most Boring movie every, than buy this CD!!.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, had to add another thing...I guess I should see it again, cause the level of appreciation that I have is currently very low.

I didn't like the movie has a kid when it first came out and the last time I watched it was almost 5 years ago and for some reason it made me angry.

Maybe a third time...hmmm, I don't know..I've watched Akira 5-6 times, not because I wanted too, but because I was lazy on the couch and I figured,"what the hell" and I still don't know what the hell that movie is about.