January 29, 2008


You won't need any Hollywood connections to make movies after Xtranormal, a 3D animation company in Montreal, launches in April. The Web site will gives users a platform for creating talk shows, music shows, and newscasts by merging "near-life" 3D avatars with live video. Average Joes will enjoy creating videos and sharing them, while advertisers may see new opportunities in Xtranormal.

"Xtranormal aims to bring out the director/creator in all of us with Pjungle, an application that allows users to create video spots from a variety of templates and broadcast to the audience of their choice," DEMO's technology experts say. "Through a range of production tools that simplify the entire movie making process to ingenious avatars that recreate your dialogue, Xtranormal has created a technology that could have far-reaching ramifications not only for the entertainment industry but for the very definition of online video." Learn more about Xtranormal's founder and president Richard Szalwinski.

Courtesy of networkworld.com

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