March 12, 2008

300 Sequel?

With 300’s epic bloodbath matched only by its own epic gross, it should come as no surprise that the studios want to get working on a sequel. Producer Mark Canton was all smiles and winks when talking about 300 and expressed a strong interest in working with director Zack Snyder again. Canton seemed to imply that all they were waiting for was the thumbs up from Warner Bros. which can’t be all that far off.

Most assuredly Frank Miller and Zack Snyder would be courted and lured back for this story or the flick would most assuredly suffer. No news on what the story would entail, what battles it would cover, or when it would take place, or with who. Sparta was a dominate player for a fairly long period of war and faced off against both the Persians and other Greek states. The sequel could chronologically move forward to either the Battle of Platea (pictured briefly at the end of the film) where the Spartans, at full force, crushed the Persians. The Spartans also played a large role in the Peloponnesian War and even went against, and defeated Athens, on land and at sea.


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