March 21, 2008


I've been trying to convert my list of links to a nice compact little Java script window. It's a bit of a process, there's hundreds of links related to animation artists, designers, graphic artists, illustrators, painters, artists groups/collectives, animation studios, and concept artists... with lots more to come.

It began to get out of control on my blog's sidebar, so now I'm converting them all into a neat little package, now found on the right hand side under the mini banners, looking like a white rectangle.

I'll be updating this every week when I have the chance, there's currently a nice long list there and I'm only 20% done inserting them all in there. So enjoy the links to some incredibly talented people and awesome art/design gallery websites. You can see the list just below my profile in the top right corner "Art Blogs & Animation Artists". Don't be afraid to let me know of any dead links too. Thanks.


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