October 21, 2008

The New Star Trek

star-trek-prod-1.jpgAll across internet, new production stills from Star Trek have turned up, such as the above shot from UGO. It's Chekov, Kirk, Scott, Bones, Sulu, and Uhura! Not pictured: Spock, Worf.

star-trek-prod-2.jpgFrom JoBlo: Eric Bana, as the villainous tattooed Nero, plans an attack, possibly against Worf.


From AICN: Spock chokes out... is it... KIRK!? (photo by Worf)


From TrekMovie: An attack on a Federation (Worf's?) ship.


From MTV: The Enterprise bridge and crew--except for Worf, who is probably in sick bay after fighting with one of those giant Klingon sword things.


From IGN: Kirk exits a shuttle pod, climbing the walls of an ice planet not at all like Worf's home of Kronos.

And from IMDB: Worf:

star-trek-worf.jpg Via iwatchstuff

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Tony said...

..so they replaced the original rag tag crew with abercrombie models?