October 02, 2008

Time to watch the eastern world’s first 2D Flash animation film

CHENNAI: Mayajaal Entertainment Limited has created the world’s first 2D Flash animation movie, Jai Vigneshwar, which will be released on 30 digital screens across the country on Thursday.The concept of 2D animation was a laborious process in the Disney Cartoon days when all story aspects had to be literally drawn on a storyboard.“But in creating this film, we have used Flash software, which makes the process simpler and more effective,” said Udeep B, CEO,Mayajaal.2D Flash animiation was cost-effective and less time consuming.

The film is the first exclusive digital platform release across India and a pioneering effort in adapting the Flash-based animation technique to a theatrical feature film, he said. “The pre-production, production and post-production involved over 150 animations and technicians. The film production stage could be completed within six months due to extensive research and development.” The film is all set to create a new history in movie-making technology.

The story delves into the world of Lord Ganesha, showcasing his ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ tales. Every incident revolves around the boons granted by Lord Shiva, which causes havoc. Each time, Ganesha sweetly diffuses the situation with wit and wisdom. “This film will create a new theme of films in the same way as Amar Chitra Katha did to comics,” said Udeep.Being an exclusive digital platform theatrical release, the audio- video quality of the film will be good.The film is being released in English and will be later made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.It will also be released on Thanksgiving in foreign markets.Mayajaal is looking to produce a minimum of two live action films and two animation films a year going forward.

The company is looking to add another five screens to its Chennai centre, taking the total number of screens to 15.It is also on the lookout for expanding to other locations including Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Trichy and Pondichery through suitable formats.

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