January 15, 2009

Do Space Aliens Dislike Wind Power, or Are They Just Clumsy?

Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft hit a wind turbine in England last week? The country is abuzz with speculation (see video above). Some observers claim to have seen bright streaks in the night sky — like an octopus’s tentacles, according to one — just before one of the turbine’s blades came off. Another blade, also struck by the force, dangles limply.)

Guards recently blocked off the site, partly to prevent U.F.O. theorists from scouring the grounds, which are in the village of Conisholme, in Lincolnshire.

Other theories are rampant. These include a cow-sized ice chunk and a “robot stealth bomber.”
The Guardian reports, more soberly, that a fireworks display for an 80-year-old’s birthday party may have been the source of the mysterious lights.

On its Web site, Ecotricity, the turbine’s operator, states: “Engineers are carrying out a thorough investigation. We don’t as yet have any evidence that points us to a cause.”

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